Responses to Stressful Stimuli - the 4 Fs ( © Striped Giraffe Press, January2006)
Walter Bradford Cannon, M.D. (October 19, 1871 – October 1, 1945) was an American physiologist, professor and chairman of the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School. He coined the term fight or flight responseFight - Flight
Unfortunately, this simplified concept regarding responses to acute stress refers mainly to men who work predominantly on their adrenergic system.

In the too often forgotten and repressed gender category, the choices are more numerous and therefore more difficult.
Women (and females in many animal species) tend to also have prominent parasympathetic system.
Women have 4 choices: the
4 Fs...: Fight - Flight - Freeze - Faint

(1) Fight,  (2) Flight,  (3) Faint or  (4) Freeze
Fight Flight All those responses can be beneficial and lead to survival Freeze Faint
Cartoon of women choices - Fight - Flight - Freeze - FaintMen Choices - Fight - Flight

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